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Mock Tuna Salad

I love when a friend stops by near supper time. My casual kitchen (read that pots and pans in the sink) is always open and our dinner table can always fit one (or more!) place settings. Last night we were having a very casual and cold plate — tofu-tuna salad, which is perfect for our […]

Whole Grain Waffle Recipe

I never seem to make the same waffle or pancake recipe twice. Because I like to use what is on hand and for me cooking is so much more an art than a science. Sometimes I’ll use up the rest of a large container of yogurt, or I’ll put a cup of my […]

1880 Eggo Waffles

One of the last appliances left in my kitchen with a non-stick surface was our waffle iron. A few years back I ditched my old, worn and scratched teflon pans and bought some good ol’ fashion cast iron skillets. I tossed my aluminum rice cooker and I simply love my stainless steel wok. So why […]

Bring your Kindle into the Kitchen!

Big news! The 30-Day Vegetarian is now available on Kindle for only $3.99.

All of the photos have been converted to black and white kindle format and we have added hyperlinks all through

out the book making it easy to find your favorite recipe.

You can even down load a kindle client for […]