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Hot Cocoa — Mason Jar Gift Ideas!

Making your own hot coco mix at home, you can control the amount and type of sugar. Experiment using a combination of the following in small quantities until you find your perfect cup of cocoa. Then layer the ingredients in jar using the sugar and coco powder as a decorative design along the edge. […]

Griddle Cakes — Mason Jar Gift Ideas!

_____Jar Ingredients_____

2/3 cup whole grain flour (e.g. spelt or oat) 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp nutmeg 3 tsp baking powder 2/3 cup whole grain flour 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp nutmeg 3 tsp baking powder 2/3 cup whole grain flour

Layer all of the ingredients into your quart size wide mouthed mason […]

Chili — Mason Jar Gift Ideas!

(pint size jars)

The TVP looks just like ground turkey in this mild chili, no one has to know it is soy but you!

______Jar Ingredients_____

1/3 Lentil 1/3 TVP (textured vegetable protein) 1/3 Lentil 2 tsp Salt 1 tsp Garlic 2 tsp Onion Powder 1 tsp Chili Powder 5 Dried […]

Lentil Soup — Mason Jar Gift Ideas!!

(Perfect for Pint Size Jars)

_____Jar Ingredients_____ 1/3 c lentils 1/3 c dried veggies 1/3 c lentils 1/3 c dried onion 1 tsp kosher salt 1/3 c split green peas 1/3 c lentils ½ tsp dried rosemary

_____Recipe Instructions_____

Place contents of jar in large sauce pan and add 3 cups pure water. […]

Whole Grain Bread — Mason Jar Gift Ideas!

Layer the following ingredients into a large wide mouth mason jar.

_____Jar Ingredients_____

2 ½ cups Whole Grain Spelt Flour * 1 cup Whole Grain Kamut Flour * 4½ teaspoons vital gluten * 2½ teaspoons Rapid Rise Yeast ½ teaspoons sea salt ¼ cup dried onion bits 2 TBL dried Dill 2 TBL Fructose […]

Rosemary Bread Mix — Mason Jar Gift Ideas!

Rosemary Bread Mix

_____Jar Ingredients_____

3½ cups Whole Grain Flour 2½ teaspoons Rapid Rise Yeast ½ teaspoons sea salt 1 TBL Fructose (natural fruit sugar) Rosemary sprigs Assemble rosemary sprigs to resemble in a small bundle (resembling evergreen tree for the holidays!) and place between two sheets of plastic wrap. Carefully […]

Ogre Toes, Goat Guts Pizza And Ooey Gooey Black Death

No surprise that we celebrate any occasion with good for you whole foods. But there is simply no reason that you have to be serious about it! This Halloween we had a wonderful upscale freaky feast and a dessert that would make you gasp it was that good.

Ogre Toes Dough for 1 loaf of […]